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Digital, contactless guest eXperience.
Bringing back the confidence in your guest because,


Bingoforge Touchless Hospitality Solutions are a Suite of Digital Guest Experience Solutions designed for today's Digital Guest Experience.  


Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Enable Touchless Check-in for your guests.

With highlighted safety protocols and the need for social distancing, our touchless check-in experience helps guests to skip the front end entirely.

Seamless check-in your guests without exchanging credit cards, IDs or registration forms.

By integrating your PMS and digital door lock system, you can eliminate non-essential, face to face interaction between staff and guests at the reception.


Conveniently Check-in from anywhere.  

Enable check-in through an easy to use mobile app - confirm guest details, provide ID, and pay seamlessly.  Guests can now completely skip the front office and go to their rooms directly.


No Need to Download an App. Completely Touchless.

The new, innovative technology is available on every device of your guests - without downloading an app. Thereby you offer a fully Touchless guest experience for your hotel.

Easy Customization, Fast Implementation
Go LIVE in minutes

In just a few minutes the solution shall adapt to your brand requirements 

Ensuring Safe Social Distancing 
While Offering the Best Touchless Experience 

The Old Way (High Touch)

  •   High Touch - Traditional hotels are more high-touch and they believe in providing high touch services wins the customer 

     Not Safe for your staff and guests - Guests records, Registration Cards, Handling of travel/ID documents and Credit cards between staff and guests are really against today's safety norms 

     Tedious and time-consuming - All guest information is collected at the check-in-counter, creating a queue or delays at the reception or check-in counter

     Safe distancing guidelines violation - Process followed currently does not meet today's clealiness guideline and norms. The current process violates Safe distancing and a concern to your guests.

The New Way (Touchless)

  •  Smart and Safe - Modern age hotels are smart, touchless and ensure high safety and hygiene

     Enable all digital check-in  - Enable your property to collect guest records, ID and photograph using the guest's smartphone

     Seamless entry to rooms - All guest information is collected through pre-check-in. Your front desk can now really focus on the main job serving the customers. Seamless integration with your PMS and door key system enables automatic room assignments and seamless entry to rooms.

     Saftey to guests and staff is our priority - Each time your guest checks-in to your hotel, we get basic COVID-19 survey filled - making sure that your guest and staff are safe.

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Make your Check-in really touchless

Mobile check-in/check-out increases guest satisfaction. In fact, Cornell University's Centre of Hospitality Research found that as soon as Hotel Guests have to wait five minutes at the front desk to check-in, guest satisfaction levels drop by 50%.

How it works

1. Send pre-check-in links for all your upcoming arrivals via email or text message 


2. Guest can also use QR code to invoke check-in app


3. Guest submits profile, ID photograph, and signs the registration form using their smartphone

4. Guests will be responding to a standard survey of social distancing and travel safety

5. Our Touchless platform verifies the documents and enables a hotel to check-in the guest


Benefits with Bingofoge Zero Touch

Enhance Guest eXperience

Encourage Repeat Bookings 

Reduce OTA commissions 

Drive Sales & 

Upsell F&B &

Maximize Staff