Hotels / Restaurants / Cafeterias / Hostels etc. 

In response to the  Coronavirus pandemic, the Hotel industry is adapting to meet new health and safety concerns now that fewer of the hotels, restaurants are in function. New changes are being implemented to housekeeping, food safety, and guest check-in and check-out procedures. As with most global restrictions, it is difficult to say whether these changes will be temporary or long-term, but all these hotels/restaurants, etc. will need to take a leap ahead in terms of Safety & Sanitization.

Wt Steril provides them with Assured and Effective facility Decontamination and Disinfection, ensuring not only all the Hotel/ Restaurant Staff but also the guests safe and secure, from catching infections during their stay in these places.

Though there are in numerous measures taken by these hotels for guests safety, it becomes crucial for the authorities to use tested & Result oriented products. Once WT Steril has been employed in the Hotels/Restaurants, which is being accessed by a lot of national and international, inhouse or walk-in guests who can be both Symptomatic or Asymptomatic COVID19 virus carriers; it completely disinfects those areas of any Coronavirus strains and provides cleaner & safer environment for all the people.


  1. Freedom to move without any fear of catching COVID 19 infection, which can be residing in the Lobby area, Hotel Rooms, Floors, Doors, Surfaces, Restaurants Walls, Swimming pool area, etc.

  2. The visual film helps guests & staff not stepping on them.

  3. Family members of the Hotel/Restaurant staff will be protected to catch any infections.

  4. Vendors Sitting Area can be disinfected for any residual Infection on surfaces.

  5. As the Guests as well as the staff are coming from various places & can carry infections any day; with WT Steril Disinfections’ repeated usage, eventually 100% clean & safe environment can be achieved.

  6. With ensured a safe environment for Guests, in particular, will help the hotel/ restaurant enhance their Credibility & Reputation, thus further bestowing profits.