100% disinfectioner for Healthcare 

Used in Hospitals / Laboratories / ICU / Old Age Homes etc. 

Our Healthcare professional are first-line responders to Battle this ever-growing threat of Corona-Virus in our society.

Wt Steril provides them with Assured and Effective facility Decontamination and Disinfection, keeping all the Healthcare professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staff safe and secure; from catching infections during their presence In the Hospital wards, ICU and operating theatres.

Once WT Steril has been employed in the Hospital Facility which is being accessed by Symptomatic or Asymptomatic COVID19 Patients, it disinfects those areas of any Coronavirus strains and provides a clean environment to all the Healthcare professionals.

Main Advantages:

  1. Freedom to move without any fear of catching COVID 19 infection, which can be residing on Lobby area, Rooms, Floor, Doors, Surfaces or Walls etc.
  2. Usage of WT Steril will provide a clean environment to analyze and treat new patients.
  3. Enhanced Recovery of Covid-19 patients as Recurrent infections will be curtailed and Immune system can be strengthened.
  4. Family members of COVID-19 patients will be protected to catch any infections
  5. Ambulances and Morgue Area can be disinfected for any residual Infection on surfaces.
  6. Health Care Support staff are coming from various places & can carry infections any day. With WT Steril Disinfections repeated usage eventually 100% clean environment can be achieved.
  7. Faster Recovery of Patients.