Why Hoteliers need Sales CRM?

Zubin Bilimoria, CEO & Founder @ Bingoforge

I have been associated with the Travel & Hospitality Industry for the last three decades. Been instrumental in building successful organisations, sales teams and helping customers increase their revenues by  10X. During my experience, and helping hoteliers maximize revenues, our focus was always to drive more direct sales revenues rather than from third parties i.e. OTA, Travel Agents, Consolidators etc. Hoteliers spend an average of 20% or more paying third party commissions rather than focusing on how they could drive more direct business and invest in building a stronger Sales Team and helping them with tools to achieve the same. 

You may ask, “Why are Hoteliers not doing so”? Well, there are multiple reasons of which the most common are that Hoteliers are comfortable with OTAs and feel they cannot sell and lack the confidence. But the main reason while doing my research with different sizes of hotel owners realised that there was a lack of understanding and they also have this notion that it is “Very Expensive to Implement Systems”. NO, it is not EXPENSIVE at all.  Let me tell you a CRM for Sales is less expensive hiring an additional salesperson as well as will enable your Sales Team to do 10X more than what they would without one.  

At Bingoforge we have designed a complete Hotel Sales Solution from the ground upwards to be able to help Hoteliers experience and maximize sales with ease. The solution helps you capture all leads irrespective of where it is sourced from, i.e. your website, direct emails, social media websites, sales meetings, or even entered manually. I can assure you that you will see an increase in sales from the very first month of implementation. 

Most Hoteliers who implement CRM have not seen any change as the providers are not domain experts unlike us at Bingoforge, we work with you and have designed solutions that work for you. 

We have ensured that our solution fits into requirements for Hotels of any size, from a 20 room property upwards of any scale. One size fits all does not work so the solution has been designed to fit in as per needs of the Hotel and its offerings.

I shall be writing more about our solutions and how they can help in more details in my upcoming blogs. Fell free to reach us for a FREE one-on-one discussion and demo.  Look out for more blogs in the series.