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Online Travel & Expense Management

An excellent solution for managing your daily expenses. Upload your expenses on the fly. Attach bills and send for approval from any device, anytime, from anywhere.

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RFP / CVGR and Rate Contract Management

Manage your Corporate & Travel Agency RFP & Negotiated Rates with accuracy. Upload RFP Contracts and load all customer RFP data. Generate RFP Reports on demand. 

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Customer Business Potential

Automate your Customer Business Potential for Rooms, Banquet and any Miscellaneous Services on actual and potential basis with Revenue. 

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Business Intellegence Dashboards

BI Dashboards by Applications, plus customize a Dedicated Dashboard with reports from a mix of applciatons with the CRM. Use multiple layouts, filter and group data. 

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Email Marketing

An advanced module for marketing and communicating technique that will allow your business to send messages to a group of individuals throgh the email communcation systems.

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PMS & Third Party API Interfaces

Semaless interface your PMS of choice using the Adavnced API Interfce. The same can be used for other solution partners, i.e. Phone APIs, Social Media, CRS, RMS etc. 

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