Banquet Sales Automation

Banquet Sales Management with complete Sales Automation and more.

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What is BingoBMS?

The Hospitality Industry always lacked having the right Banquet Management Solution for Sales & Operations. BingoBMS fills this gap and more. 

We heard you and have designed a complete Sales Integrated Banquet Management Solution. Today used by leading Hotel Chains. The BingoBMS has helped our Hotel Partners not only maximize their Banquet Sales Revenues but also bring a great amount of operational efficiency and team collaboration between departments.  

Sales Pipeline

Process-driven Sales Pipeline with complete integration to Proposals, Calenders, DSR, Banquet Prospectus and mote

Proposal / Quotation

A small explanation of this great
feature, in clear words.

Banquet Calendar

Check Banquet bookings on the fly, by the Property, Venue, Date and more.

Banquet Prospectus

On confirmation issue a Banquet Prospectus and share with relevant departments.

1,000+ Hotels  run BingoHSA to grow and better manage their Sales.

Join us and maximize your sales revenues.