Great products for great people

We partner with hotels of all sizes to provide a 360-degree Hotel Sales CRM Solution. Our flagship solution is called myhotelCRM and is available in Lite, Business and Enterprise versions. organisations for their ERP and Sales CRM needs.  

Our products are designed for small, medium and large Independent and Chain Hotels willing to optimize their performance.

We bring over 32 years of Travel & Hospitality, Revenue and Sales expertise.
A skilled and enterprising team to guide you and Grow your business. 

Ten Reasons you should partner with Bingoforge

  • Flexible Sales Automation Solution that fits in with your business processes.

  • Grow one app at a time.

  • For Hotels a Complete 360-degree Sales Automation Solution. 

  • Interface our Hotel Sales CRM with any solution provider of your choice i.e. PMS, POS, CRS, Channel Manager, RMS etc. 

  • Our Solutions are easy and user-friendly.

  • Customize as per your Sales Processes 

  • We provide support 7 - days a week

  • Our Sales Product Team will monitor your performance and provide suggestions and feedback to help maximize CRM output.

  • No long-term contracts 

  • 100% Data security and backup, powered by Google Cloud Enterprise Services

Meet the Executive Team

Company team

Zubin Bilimoria, Founder, Managing Director & CEO

CEO and chief visionary, Zubin is the driving force behind Company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of software, marketing and Customer Experience strategies.

Have trained over 2000 people in the past 32 years. He is also known for helping Hoteliers maximize their sales revenues from various sources and channels. Today, he leads a team that is young and enterprising. Has helped hoteliers increase direct sales by over 42%, bringing back a 12% loss leads to sales. 

He is the man behind the design and development of the Hotel Sales CRM solution, myhotelCRM. Zubin works very closely with all Hotel Partners to understand micro-level requirements and provide processes-driven solutions. 

Company team

Prasanna Prabhughate, Director & COO

Prasanna Mich loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience as Commercial Director in the software industry, Mich has helped Company to get where it is today. Mich is among the best minds.

He is a veteran in Technology Solutions & IT Infrastructure. He brings over three decades of expertise and worked on projects with large organisations, SMEs and MSMEs. Prasanna is a core team member who thinks out of the box and helps implement and strategise excellent processes and solutions. 

He has worked in Senior Management roles with organisations i.e., Wipro Infotech Ltd, Impact Infotech Pvt. Ltd and himself have been successful Entrepreneurs. 

Saviana Dias, Vice President- Business Development & Support Group

An extremely independent woman with a sharp sense of business acumen and a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of service to a broad range of guests. As an experienced and accomplished individual with over ten years of experience, with proven leadership and organizational skills. She brings with her high-level expertise in Sales & Marketing. She has worked with Airlines, Educational Institutions and has been an Entrepreneur herself as well. 

Saviana has been known for developing high-performance teams, shifting share from competition and driving premium over the competition in any market these are her key achievements.

She is one of the four senior management team leaders at Bingoforge and a true asset to the team.